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'Raw Water' Is A Dangerous New Movement That Has People Shaking Their Heads

'Raw Water' Is A Dangerous New Movement That Has People Shaking Their Heads
Updated 5 months ago

What is being called the "raw water" movement, has popped up along the west coast in the wealthiest areas such tech heavy Silicone Valley. People are paying upwards of $36.99 for a 2.5 gallons of unfertilized, non-sterilized, untreated water.  Many critics are blasting founder of Oregon's Live Water, Mukhande Singh for selling a product that potentially could spread bacteria and other contaminants. 

For his part Singh believes public water is poisoned:

Tap water? You’re drinking toilet water with birth control drugs in them. Chloramine, and on top of that they’re putting in fluoride. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it’s a mind-control drug that has no benefit to our dental health.

 Supporters of the raw water movement are concerned that improper filtration of tap water takes away beneficial minerals. They also mistrust the use of floride and lead pipes used to transport water to our taps.   

Director of the Healthy Living Program at the Mayo Clinic,  Dr. Donald Hensrud, couldn't disagree more, saying:

 “Without water treatment, there’s acute and then chronic risks. There’s evidence all over the world of this, and the reason we don’t have those conditions is because of our very efficient water treatment.” 

The jury of Twitter came in strong agreeing with Hensrud that drinking raw water is both reckless but also dangerous. 

It wasn't just disagreeing with the concept, people were out for blood. 

In an article for the New Republic, Sarah Jones writes that raw water is simply another way for the wealthy to make poverty hip. 

While NPR host Sam Sanders wanted no part of this conversation.