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Justin Timberlake Just Tweeted The Song List From His Next Album

Justin Timberlake Just Tweeted The Song List From His Next Album
Updated 5 months ago

The reigning king of pop is about to release another magnificent missive.

We're talking about a guy whose last name is literally the words Timber and Lake put together, but it took twenty years' worth of career for him to actually embrace that rather outdoorsy vibe with the upcoming Man of the Woods. We'll buy it though, glamping or otherwise, because JT rocks our collective body. 

Everyone is from somewhere, and according to the announcement video, this album is about humble origins.

Going back to one's roots is all the rage these days, so cue the month-long speculation over the latest hint: the track list. Check it. 

Who's A.K.? Who's C.S.? Isn't flannel a kind of fabric? We have a lot of questions, and the recently released single "Filthy," track one of our forthcoming album purchase, features more robotics than one typically associates with the woods and is therefore not particularly illuminating as to the theme of the album. 

The song, however, is rad:

The track list doesn't provide a lot of hints, but fans certainly do, even with some degree of disagreement:

 Mostly, though, there was rabid anticipation:

We'll see how woodsy things get in February. 

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