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Ellen Page Just Got Married To Emma Portner—And Twitter Fans Are Elated
By Tom.
5 months ago

What better way to ring in 2018 than with the heralding of true love! Actress and human rights activist Ellen Page took to her Instagram to announce her newly minted nuptials to dancer Emma Portner.

The Canadian actress, 30, is an Oscar nominee for Juno and star of X Men :Days of Future Past. She has been an outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights since outing herself at a 2014 HRC dinner. Her explicit words detailing her life as a closeted person while quivering in front of an audience then proudly proclaiming "I am here today because I am gay," put her on the forefront of the war for equality and still resinate today. 

Emma Pornter, 22, is a NYC based contemporary dancer and choreographer.  She has performed for the Biebs and choreographed his Life is Worth Living video and parts of his massive Purpose World Tour.

The couple spent most of 2017 showing their affection all over social media and of course social media couldn't wait to share in the joy.

Yes he would!

Oh gals, you got us all verklempt over here. 

Cheers ladies! Here is to much love in 2018 and beyond!