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Top Senate Republican Orrin Hatch Just Announced He's Retiring—Bye Bye!
5 months ago

Orrin Hatch, the GOP's longest serving Senator, has been in Congress since the 1970s. Though President Trump has encouraged him to stay in his seat moving forward, Hatch has been toying with the idea of retirement for the last year or so. 

On Tuesday, January 2, Hatch made a decision:

Hatch released a video of the announcement:

The President is sad to see Hatch go:

Things haven't gone especially well for the President lately when it comes to Congress...

Hatch was a role model for many of his fellow congresspeople:

But Hatch's retirement could also mean something else...

Romney has said in the past that if Hatch ever stepped down, he would consider running for the vacant Senate seat.

Having Romney in the Senate would definitely be... interesting:

President Trump and Mitt Romney haven't enjoyed an especially warm relationship:

With Hatch gone, Congress will be a bit shaken up:

Hatch has been best known lately for his ardent support of the President and his major role in passing the GOP's new tax reform bill.

Will Mitt Romney, who is hugely popular in Utah, fill Hatch's seat? What would his relationship with the White House be like?

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