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Thomas Koehler/Getty Images
Man Shares Photo Of His Mixed-Race Marriage, And The Internet Is All About It

Love knows no boundaries. John Struthers, a Scottish professor, knows this better than most. He's been married to his Ghanian wife for over 40 years! During that time, the pair have experienced prejudice and racism far more than they ever should have, but they continued to stand strong through it all. 

The professor posted a touching picture in honor of their love:

And the image touched Twitter users:

Struthers' post inspired many people to share other amazing interracial couples:

Not to mention stories of their own:

Love conquers a lot of ugliness in this world:

Let's hope our world has changed for the better since Struthers and his wife were first engaged.

Things seem to be moving in the right direction:

The professor's message resonated in the hearts of many:

A successful marriage is a beautiful thing!

Thank you for sharing, Professor Struthers! The world is a little bit brighter because of your love.

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