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Netflix Surprised Subscribers With Two New Specials, And Subscribers Went Wild
4 months ago

On Saturday, the night before New Year's Eve, Netflix dropped a bomb on everyone with these two tweets:

And people were so here for it.

Many threw out their plans:

And heaped much praise on Chappelle:

And some who watched the special were even more excited:

The commitment was impressive:

But not everyone was feeling it. After getting into hot water with his first Netflix special when he made insensitive jokes centered on trans women of color -- who are the most likely group of people to experience violence and murder in the United States -- it appears that Chappelle has learned nothing from that experience and continues to make similar jokes in his new specials.

And people did not hold back...

For some, it was personal...

2017 was the deadliest year on record for trans people, and the majority of those who were killed were black trans women. Do better, Dave Chappelle.

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