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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Throwback New Year's Tweet Just Inspired All Of Us
5 months ago

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the musical mastermind behind In The Heights, Hamilton, and the music of Moana. He's also an author, activist, lover of hats, and generally inspirational human being. His social media is typically pretty positive and forward-thinking, and this year's New Year's Eve post was no different. He opted to inspire his followers to keep working by showing us all what his New Year's was like a few years ago. 

Check it out: 

Fans and followers were all about it: 

Thanks for the inspiration, Lin! We're probably not going to write a groundbreaking genre-creating musical, but this was easily enough inspiration for us to get up, put on pants, and do the thing! 

Just as soon as we find them... 

H/T: Twitter