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List Of The Top Mispronounced Words In 2017 Emerges Online—And We're Guilty

List Of The Top Mispronounced Words In 2017 Emerges Online—And We're Guilty
5 months ago

Spell check makes our lives a little easier, but the equivalent service for pronunciation takes a lot more effort than poking that squiggly red line.

The make matters more interesting, the year in pop culture put a lot of new words into the lexicon. Babbel, the language learning app, commissioned a study of most mispronounced words for the year that was 2017:

1. Gal Gadot

The dreamy accent and shortness of her name might lead us to lean on a more familiar French-style pronunciation, but Wonder Woman herself pronounces it in the Israeli fashion with a soft T - "Gah-dott". 

2. Coulrophobia

Look, tons of us have been afraid of clowns for decades, but the actual scientific word for 'Fear of Clowns' saw a significant uptick in interest what with the phenomenon of this year's It. But, for the sticklers, it's "Cool-ruh-pho-bee-uh". Not cool, clowns. 

3. Weinstein

Less of a fun one, since people were looking into it on account of the empire of assault the man had created for himself. But with the flood of accusations coming out and Time declaring the Silence Breakers to be their 'Person of the Year', folks checked into the man, who pronounces it "Wine-steen" and not "Wine-Stein". 

4. Dotard

Who expected the North Korean government to teach us something in our own language? In the never-ending ballet of insults between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, we got this gem, which is straight-up Shakespearean in nature. But it was written down, not spoken out loud, so a lot of people were pronouncing it 'doe-Tard' rather than 'Doe-turd'. Let's hope this is the last thing we learn from the Kim camp. 

5. Bokeh

Basically everyone became a professional photographer a few years ago with the surge in Instragram accounts, so now was the time people started looking into the technical elements of professional photography. Namely, bokeh, the quality of softness in the out-of-focus parts of a shallow depth of field photograph. The word is horribly spelled, and this is a real curveball, but it's actually pronounced "bo-kay", exactly like 'bouquet'. We know, it's weird. But so is asking your friends to take your wedding photos instead of hiring a professional.

Rounding out our list this year are "fibromyalgia", "Namibia", "nuclear", "Puerto Rico", and "Pyongyang". Good luck out there, language explorers.