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Netflix Makes Mysterious Announcement About Upcoming Show—And People Are Freaking Out
5 months ago

As any binger knows, Netflix has an impressive lineup of shows streaming on their service, including many of the cultural heavy hitters of today and yesteryear.

They have Breaking Bad as well as its spinoff Better Call Saul, it has old classics like Cheers, and newer classics like The Office, all really good binge-worthy offerings. But one particular show has never made Netflix's lineup and if a certain tweet is to be believed, that could change very soon.

Look at Netflix UK & Ireland get all coy:

Couple things. First - this is on the UK & Ireland Netflix Twitter account, so who knows exactly how far this tease might go. 


It's the infamous Friends Episode naming convention that you know from all the classics,  "The One Where No One's Ready", "The One Where Everyone Finds Out", "The One With Ross' Sandwich", and so on. 

If Netflix is saying what we think they're saying, people are way on board...

Again, nothing is confirmed. It's a tease. But man, what a tease.