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Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images
Magician Penn Jillette Just Gave A Major Shout-Out To Batman—And We're All For It
4 months ago

 In a recent article, The Washinton Post asked 24 people what film came closest to portraying their career. Penn Jillette, magician/illusionist and  half the duo of Penn and Teller was asked. Some people might think the go-to choice would be something like The Illusionist but he surprised us all and chose Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

It may not be the obvious answer making the connection between an illusionist and Bat Man, but Jillette explains the connection. 

 "The magic I think is beautiful is the magic of trickery. What I love about Batman is he doesn’t have any supernatural powers. In “The Dark Knight,” with the Joker and Batman, you really have two magicians running scams. I love the intellectual interest of the boat scene. When you talk about modern American magic, it’s not supernatural, it’s the playful study of epistemology. It’s how we attain information, and how we attain what is true. In the boat scene, it’s: How people perceive morality, coupled with an impossible trick.The ultimate American magician is Batman." 

To see the boat scene from Dark Knight, click below. 

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