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(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)
Photos Of A Completely Frozen-Over Chicago Emerge On Twitter—And We're Not Envious

Much of the country is experiencing unusually low temperatures, leaving several areas in a deep freeze. Chicago, one of the coldest major cities in the U.S., is currently suffering a bit more than the rest of us.

People are sharing the misery on social media:

Chicago residents have re-nicknamed The Windy City. For now, it's #Chiberia:

Some folks are looking for the silver lining under all that ice:

Others are mocking Trump's recent claim that global warming isn't real because it's very cold right now:

And while it's miserable out there for humans...

Some puppers seem to think it's a hoot:

But these birds have had enough:

H/T: Mashable, Twitter