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CNN Reporter Slams President Trump On Climate Change—And The Trump Trolls Came Running

CNN Reporter Slams President Trump On Climate Change—And The Trump Trolls Came Running
Updated 5 months ago

On Thursday, December 28, President Trump began his morning by posting this misguided tweet:

Twitter users' reactions varied wildly:

The tweet has ignited yet another controversy surrounding man-made climate change, which Trump has expressed skepticism about for many years despite almost universal acceptance from the  scientific community. This particular tweet appears to demonstrate a profound ignorance of climate change, the Paris Climate Change Accord, and (slightly less important) just how cold it can get on New Year's Eve.

The President's tweet especially annoyed CNN political pundit Chris Cillizza. He clapped back in a tweet of his own:

You can often tell someone's made a good point against the President when trolls flock to their post.

And, no surprise, the trolls flew to Cillizza like moths to a flame:

Plenty of climate change deniers responded to Cillizza's post:

Some people made another dubious claim — that Trump was trolling:

The idea that the U.S. President would use his voice to troll scientists and activists isn't particularly comforting. Neither is the fact that most of his supporters missed the "joke" and continue to doubt what almost every scientist in the world agrees on.

Spoiler: man-made climate change is real.

Elsewhere on Twitter, many others denounced the President's factual inaccuracy:

President Donald Trump actively denying climate change could cause many people to doubt its authenticity, which is alarming.

But wait! You know who does believe in climate change? Private citizen and businessman Donald Trump: