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Sean Hannity Just Threatened CNN And NBC News With A Leak—And Conservatives Are Ecstatic

Sean Hannity Just Threatened CNN And NBC News With A Leak—And Conservatives Are Ecstatic
Updated 5 months ago

It's no secret that Fox News host Sean Hannity holds a distinct contempt for his competitors at NBC and CNN. While those networks are often critical of the Trump administration, Hannity's program proudly touts the President as a great leader and champions his legislative agenda at every turn. 

So it's no surprise that conservatives began celebrating when Hannity posted this tweet on December 26:

The Pulitzer Prize committee is probably already having Hannity's name engraved for excellence in journalism, though he gave no clue as to what he'll be revealing when he returns from Christmas hiatus in a week.

Conservatives don't seem to mind the mystery. They're just super excited about... something!

In the latter half of his tweet, Hannity wishes a Happy New Year to all the "irredeemable deplorables," a term originally used by Hillary Clinton to describe racists, xenophobes, and people who support Trump for reasons based in shameful biases.

The right has co-opted the term and now uses it to describe Trump supporters in general. 

It's hard to imagine what bombshell is so big it's worth a teaser tweet but not worth reporting immediately. 

Still, whatever this news is, IT'S GOING TO BE HUGE... in a week.

Some people suspect that Hannity's big reveal may have something to do with the five-tweet, shoutycaps meltdown he had earlier this month.

The rant was in response to a CNN segment addressing the advertising boycott controversy surrounding his show at the time:

Keep close to your phones so you can be there when Hannity's (PARADIGM SHIFTING) news finally breaks! In the meantime, relax with a cup of coffee, roasted in one of the hundreds of Keurig machines Hannity's show bought and distributed to viewers who destroyed their own machines in protest after the company withdrew their advertising from Hannity's program. 

It's all very strange and makes little sense, but people don't care about that. They care about THE TRUTH!