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Two World-Record Breaking Cats Die Together In House Fire—And Our Hearts Are Broken 😔

Two World-Record Breaking Cats Die Together In House Fire—And Our Hearts Are Broken 😔
Updated 5 months ago

After a fire ripped through the suburban Detroit home of Will and Lauren Powers on November 13, they spent over a month sifting through the damage to ascertain what was lost. They had hopes that their four cats, Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, Cygnus Regulus Powers, Sirius, and Yuki, had managed to escape the blaze, as they were missing. Arcturus held the Guinness World Record for the world's tallest domestic cat, while Cygnus held the Guinness Record for the longest tail on a domestic cat. Unfortunately, on Thursday, the couple took to Instagram to reveal that they had discovered Aldebaran and Cygnus had died of smoke-inhalation.

Sirius and Yuki are still missing. The heartbreaking post read:

We have been working with an excavation crew for the last few weeks following the fire that destroyed our home in Farmington Hills, Michigan on Sunday, November 13. Together with our family, our team sifted through rubble by hand in the hopes of eliminating the possibility that Arcturus, Cygnus, and Sirius remained in the house along with our friend's Yuki. __________________________________________ Although Will opened as many doors as he could upstairs and downstairs, and searched in vain for our boys, he was not able to locate them prior to being physically removed by fire rescue and law enforcement. Despite Will's incredible efforts, we confirmed today (during the excavation of the final room in our basement) that Cygnus and Arcturus remained hidden in our home and succumbed to smoke inhalation. We did not find any evidence that Sirius and Yuki remained in the home and our search for them continues. We do not wish to go into detail, but there is a significant reason to believe they are both alive. __________________________________________ With regard to our discovery of Cygnus and Arcturus, they were best friends in life and it gives us a small amount of peace that they were together at the end of their amazing journey on this earth. We are forever grateful for the time we were given to love them and ask that our friends and followers not post in memoriam content as our search continues. We want them to be remembered for their incredible personalities, their contributions to the Ferndale Cat Shelter, and their love for each other and their brother Sirius. __________________________________________ Thank you for all of the kind words and support over the last few weeks. We need positive thoughts more than ever as we continue our search for Yuki and Sirius.

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Condolences quickly poured in as the news broke:

Here's a video of the cats in happier times:

Our condolences to the family. The loss of a pet is devastating. RIP Arcturus and Cygnus, and may Sirius and Yuki be found safely.

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