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Journalist Lays Out Tweet That Epitomizes Our Obsession With Blaming High Profile Women

Journalist Lays Out Tweet That Epitomizes Our Obsession With Blaming High Profile Women
Updated 5 months ago

Unless you have been in hiding for the past six months you've heard about the charges of sexual assault leveled against mega-producer Harvey Weinstein. Earlier this week someone took to the streets of Hollywood, California, and put up posters that seem to accuse actress and advocate Meryl Streep of... something. The posters feature an old photo of Streep and Weinsten together, and across Streep's eyes is a thick red stripe with white lettering that reads "She knew."

Blaming women has become something of an obsession when it comes to men's sexual misconduct. Rather than blame the man who committed the sexual assault, we often wonder what the victim was wearing or how much she had to drink. But in this case, the poster's creator points the finger at a high-profile woman for something she had nothing to do with. 

Journalist Lauren Duca took to Twitter to summarize the situation, and she nailed it. 

Blaming a woman rather than the man who committed the crimes is ridiculous, of course. But if we're talking about complicity, what about all the high-profile male actors who had knowledge of Weinstein's behavior? Who might have known more than Streep did? Where are the posters accusing them?

Twitter users applauded the simple but strong response:

There are plenty of other innocent people to blame, as these folks pointed out:

Blame Amy Schumer, because why not?

Actually, scratch that. Blame all women, everywhere:

And if we're blaming Obama, we might as well blame Biden:

Lauren is the hero we all needed to recap 2017. We think Meryl would be proud.

In conclusion, blame anyone but Weinstein. Obviously.

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