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A Controversial PETA Holiday Billboard Just Got Banned From The Side Of Buses
4 months ago

*Warning: PETA's advertisement and this article contain images some viewers may find disturbing*

PETA is known to ruffle feathers with its advertisements, but a recent billboard campaigned they planned for the UK's holiday season went too far for the London bus system. The ad, which features the roasted head of a dog served up on a holiday platter, was intended to grace the sides of 100 buses, but it's probably a good thing that never came to pass.

Here's the rejected advertisement:

In a blog post lamenting the London bus system's decision, PETA UK commented:

It’s shameful and confusing that PETA’s campaign was rejected by London Buses when Londoners are bombarded with ads selling turkey corpses. What’s truly offensive isn’t the ad but killing gentle birds – who have the same capacity to feel pain as the dogs with whom we share our homes – for a fleeting moment of taste.

A spokesperson from Transport for London, commenting on why the advertisement was rejected, noted that the CAP Code, a sort of rule-book for non-broadcast adverts, states that marketing communications "must not cause fear or distress without justifiable reason." 

CAP also says shocking images shouldn't be used just to grab attention.

The decision obviously disappointed PETA:

One hundred buses were meant to be serving up some food for thought from PETA this Christmas, but at the last minute, London Buses refused to run our advert on the grounds that it may cause offense.

While there are many vegans in the world who agree with PETA's message, many believe their methodology leaves something to be desired.

To put things more bluntly:

And blunter still: