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Republican Senators Respond To Tax Bill Controversy—And No One's Happy About It

Republican Senators Respond To Tax Bill Controversy—And No One's Happy About It
5 months ago

The Republican tax reform bill is poised to pass through Congress and onto President Trump's desk, having passed the Senate on Tuesday, December 19th, and merely needing a recount in the House for final approval. However, controversy is still surrounding some of the 1,000-page bill's obscure provisions and alterations. For instance, one passage, crafted by Orrin Hatch, the chair of the conference committee, supposedly lowers taxes for some members of Congress as well as the real estate industry. This is allegedly the passage that flipped Senator Bob Corker into a "yes" on the bill, which looks more than a little shady considering he's one of the people poised to benefit from it.

Much of the controversy surrounds a letter from Hatch to Corker.

Senator Hatch has pushed back against accusations that he tried to sneak the supposedly self-serving provision into the bill at the last minute.

According to him, the long approval process would have made "sneaking" a passage in impossible!

He makes a good point.

Although he may not have "snuck" it in, some Twitter users were still unsatisfied with the bill's approval process.

Some thought the initial headlines surrounding provision were misleading.

What are the provisions supposed benefits?

And while Hatch defended the process of putting the provision in the bill, he didn't actually address its contents.

Some fact checkers still believe the provision was a last minute addition!

Sometimes it seems the media can smell blood in the water.

Then again...

Bob Corker, who received Hatch's letter, responded to the controversy:

Good or bad, it seems the provision will become law in a very short amount of time - some people predict the new tax bill will take effect only 12 days from now. Because of passages like this one, many GOP Senators, as well as the President, stand to become a lot richer thanks to their lowered taxes. Of course, we're still not 100% sure what President Trump's taxes looks like - but it's never too late to find out.

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