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Twitter Remembers Chris Farley On 20th Anniversary Of His Death With Some Little-Known Facts
4 months ago

Monday, December 18th, was the 20 year anniversary of comedian Chris Farley's death. Farley became a household name through his work on Saturday Night Live and the movie Tommy Boy. Since his passing, his status as a comedy legend has only grown - his friends and family remember him as a larger-than-life figure with an incredible capacity for love and caring.

To remember him on this special occasion, fans began tweeting little known facts about Farley and his life. 

His trademark physical style had to come from somewhere!

Hopefully these two didn't have anything else in common...

Farley cared deeply about his family.

For that matter, he cared deeply about just about everyone.

He came up from humble beginnings.

Farley was definitely more comfortable on the performing side of a sketch.

Farley's life took many ups and downs...

But he always made it through with the help of good friends.

After SNL, Farley made a dramatic impression on Hollywood!

Onscreen, you couldn't look away from him.

If Farley hadn't passed away, things might have been very different.

Many celebrities used this opportunity to remember an old friend.

During his time on Earth, Farley touched many lives.

He's still missed.