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Woman Gets Called Insulting Name On Restaurant Bill, And She Fired Back On Facebook

Brewhemia, a restaurant in Edinburgh, UK, is coming under fire for a note left on a check of one of their customers. The Daily Mail reported last Tuesday, that a woman named Anna Warrender went to dine at Brewhemia with a group of friends. They state,

"Anna Warrender and her two friends spent £160 on food and Prosecco at Brewhemia in Edinburgh on Saturday night. The friends said they had to wait 45 minutes for food and were given just 15 minutes to wolf down their dessert.  The diner responded by giving them one of their £23 bottles of Prosecco on the house."

But, despite that display of contrition, when the check was received, there was this note on it, which Warrender posted to her Facebook account:


Where the discount was given for one bottle of Prosecco was the note "Pain in the ass wom."  People quickly began to respond on social media and others' complaints about the establishment rolled in:

Though there were some who took the side of the server who wrote the note:

And this person, while they didn't express sympathy for the server, did express sympathy for the venue:

This is not the restaurant's first public relations disaster. In August, a gay man named Drew Kerr was visiting Edinburgh and tried to go to Brewhemia, when this happened:

Which did lead to this response from Brewhemia:

Later, a formal apology was issued, and Kerr accepted:

We think that Brewhemia may need to give their employees some training in basic civility.


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