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Hoping To Be In Town For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding? You Might Be Out Of Luck
4 months ago

Royal weddings are a rare occasion -- especially when they include an American actress as the bride. Which is why it's no wonder that the announcement of impending nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle not only has the UK abuzz with royal wedding fever but the U.S.A. as well. So much so, that when Kensington Palace confirmed on Friday that the wedding will take place Saturday May 19th at Windsor Castle -- the local hotels found themselves booking up in short order. 

On Twitter, some royal fans made plans to be there, while others lamented not being invited, and some are just happy to watch it all unfold on TV:

While it's estimated that 98% of rooms in Windsor have been booked through the weekend of May 18th-20th, People Magazine is reporting that there may be some availability still in neighboring townships:

  Towns just outside Windsor still have some options available โ€” and for a much lower price, according to Booking. Slough, a town 2.2 miles away, is 70% cheaper than staying in Windsor over the three-day period. Maidenhead and Ascot, both 5.4 miles away, are 43% and 78% cheaper respectively.

Which could be a great way to explore the area while you wait for the royal event of the year!

The ceremony will be held at the 15th-century St Georgeโ€™s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle and since the prince and his bride-to-be have indicated their wishes for the public to be included in their day of โ€œfun and joy,โ€ some royal watchers are speculating with fingers crossed, hoping for a royal procession to the church.

Royals -- they're just like us:

As it turns out though, maybe all this hotel booking hubbub has less to do with royal watchers and more to do with media coverage. 

Phil Lewis, general manager of the Macdonald Windsor hotel, told The Guardian, there may be other reasons hotels are booking so fast:

  The majority of the people that are contacting us are news crews. Lots of interest from the U.S., Australia, as well as the U.K. The protocol for us is that we hard close the hotel until we know more about what is going on, and we are able to go back to all the companies that have contacted us and say these are the dates, our prices and length-of-stay restrictions. And then itโ€™s first come, first served after that.