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Netflix Just Posted A Response To The End Of Net Neutrality—And We Agree Completely 😡
4 months ago

On Thursday, December 14, the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to repeal Obama-era net neutrality laws. Many tech companies, such as Google and Twitter, have denounced the government's choice the end the protections, which ensures all data is treated equally by internet service providers, regardless of the source. With the regulations repealed, ISPs can charge more for faster download speeds from certain sites, or filter content they don't like.

After the FCC's vote, online movie streaming giant Netflix spoke out against the change:

Netflix is standing up to what they see as unjust:

Some Twitter users thanked Netflix for their support of the free net:

Though the repeal will hardly affect big companies like Netflix, since they can easily pay the higher prices for fast download speeds, start-ups without much money will now have a very real challenge to overcome.

Not surprisingly, Netflix isn't alone in decrying the FCC's decision:

A quick look at who supports net neutrality's repeal should tell you who it benefits:

At the same time, however, the resulting lack of competition could be great for Netflix. 

With the repeal of net neutrality, consumers are the real losers.