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After Disney/Fox Deal, Ryan Reynolds Cleverly Hints That Deadpool May Already Be In Trouble
4 months ago

Disney and Fox have agreed to one of the biggest media buyouts of all time. The House of Mouse has agreed to buy most of 21st Century Fox's media empire for $52.4 billion, which includes Fox's television and movie productions. This includes their catalogue of Marvel superheroes. 

Fans online all the time since the announcement was made discussing how amazing it'll be to see Fox's Marvel heroes (primarily The Fantastic Four and X-Men) team up with Disney's Marvel heroes (The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy). Ever since the House of Ideas sold off their properties in the late 90s, fans have waited for the return of these characters to their true owners, Marvel.

And one actor is excited for his rated-R superhero to enter the magical, PG land of Disney.

Since Disney is going to have control of all of Fox's superheroes, this means Deadpool is going to be part of Marvel's pantheon once more. "Deadpool" star, Ryan Reynolds, was more than happy to share his thoughts of how the "Merc with a Mouth" fits with Disney's magic and princesses.

Fans definitely loved Reynolds' ideas of Deadpool's and Disney's clashing morals. 

Of course, time will tell to see how Disney decides to use Deadpool. They do have more mature film houses (like Touchstone Pictures) that could produce an R-rated superhero film. We can only hope. 

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