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Conservative Reporter Slams Jimmy Kimmel's Speech With His Son In Angry Twitter Rant
4 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel has used his late night platform to discuss important issues in the past, but not everyone is a fan. Kimmel took a break from his show last week as his son Billy recovered from heart surgery. On December 11, Kimmel returned and brought his son with him, advocating for healthcare to protect and cover children like his. He made a heartfelt plea to Congress, asking them to approve funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, which expired back in September.

Kimmel tweeted his monologue, along with information on signing up for healthcare coverage:

Many responses were warm, sympathetic, and positive:

But Stephen Miller of Fox News believed the story was biased, and elaborated in a Twitter rant:

Miller went on to explain his version of the "facts":

And complained about "fake news":

Miller went on and on... AND ON AND ON.

Fortunately someone decided to fact check Miller's fact checking:

Ultimately, Miller's thread was exhausting:

We couldn't agree more with that last one. To be fair, it turns out Kimmel's monologue was rather partisan, as this Washington Post article illustrated. Then again, Miller's long-winded tirade spun the "facts" in the opposite direction. The truth is somewhere in the messy middle, but it's difficult to argue against improved healthcare for all children.

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