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Wikimedia Commons/Bruce Emmerling
Trump Just Mocked Bernie Sanders, Senior Citizens, And The Handicapped During A Speech
5 months ago

What do Bernie Sanders, senior citizens, and the handicapped all have in common? President Trump disparaged all of them in one fell swoop. 

As reported by The New York Times, the incident took place last summer at the White House while walking through the Diplomatic Reception Room with four Democratic lawmakers. Speculating on who would run against him in 2020, Trump stated that Senator Bernie Sanders would run, "even if he's in a wheelchair." Then, according to someone in attendance, the President proceeded to hunch over and mimic being an elderly person in a wheelchair.  

Some took the opportunity to honor former President Franklin D. Roosevelt who suffered from a paralytic illness that caused him to rely on a wheelchair:

While others showcased their love for Sanders:

And speculated about who would win in the 2020 election:

How about a death match?


This Twitterer doesn't think there's anything to worry about . . . hope he's right.