Matt Smith And Claire Foy Of 'The Crown' Just Fought About Who Should Play Meghan Markle

Matt Smith And Claire Foy Of 'The Crown' Just Fought About Who Should Play Meghan Markle
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Updated 7 months ago

Being a prominent public figure can be difficult, as everyone believes you to be one thing when you could actually be another. That's certainly made all the more difficult when you're a member of the British royal family.

Recently, Prince Harry asked American actress Meghan Markle to marry him. The United Kingdom is soon to have it's first woman of color in the royals since the late 1700s. But this raised a question: Who could play her in "The Crown?"

"The Crown" is a critically acclaimed Netflix series depicting the life and trials of Queen Elizabeth. Its second season just premiered this December to rave reviews. Showrunners have announced they intend the series to go 60 episodes over the course of six seasons, hopefully covering Elizabeth's life up till the 90s, maybe 2000s. This would potentially coincide with Harry's engagement to Markle.

To settle the debate of who would portray the future royal we turn to Claire Foy and Matt Smith, the current Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip respectively. Both were on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, discussing their favorite Kardashian and Netflix and chill shows, when they were asked who they think should play Meghan Markle on "The Crown." Neither could agree on the casting. 

“Who’s that singer? Who goes out with Justin Timberlake?" Matt Smith asked. Andy Cohen replied, "Ed Sheeran?" 

"No," Smith replied, "Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez. She’s playing Meghan Markle,” Smith declared, an admitted Selena Gomez Fan.

“No she’s not,” Foy said, shutting down Smith's dreams. “No, she’s not.”

Perhaps with her acting background, Markle could play a version of herself? Either way, both Foy and Smith were supportive of the engagement but agreed that her personal life was over.

Some users in the comment section were quick to suggest their own casting choices.