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Fox News Host Fires Back At Conservative Guest For Offensive Statement About John Lewis
5 months ago

Fox News host, Eboni Williams pulled no punches with disgraced former Milwaukee Sheriff and resident Trump boot licker, David Clarke on Fox & Friends this Saturday.

Clarke was asked by Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth what he thought about civil rights icon, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) cancelling his speaking engagement and attendance of the opening of the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in protest to President Donald Trump's attendance. Clarke responded immediately, dissing Lewis by questioning who he was, “John who?” he mocked. 

Ms. Williams response was priceless:

John Lewis — he was bloodied on the Selma bridge, Sheriff, when trying to protest voting rights and a variety of other things, the FOX guest host answered.  


After Clarke shot back that Lewis had "become one of the most irrelevant members of Congress," and that he had been, "reduced to being a caricature," Williams set him straight once more.

For you to say that nobody cares about John Lewis is inaccurate because I assure you that there are many people across this country that absolutely do care about him. As for your commentary on his political record as a congressman, I’m actually not even addressing that part because this museum opening is about the civil rights of American citizens, so when it comes to his record on that, Sheriff Clarke, I think that it’s pretty undisputed.

But we know who the REAL caricature is:

Maybe John Lewis should be the one asking who David Clarke is . . .