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Hilary Duff's Tattoo Artist Just Shared A Photo Of Hilary's New Ink--And It's Full Of Meaning

Hilary Duff, star of TV Land's Younger, stopped by tattoo artist Doctor Woo's shop to add some new ink to her arm. The artist delicately tattooed the words "Take Fountain" on the inside of Duff's arm as a tribute to film icon Bette Davis, who famously told Johnny Carson, when he asked how a new actress should get to Hollywood, "Take Fountain." 

Doctor Woo posted a picture of Duff's new ink to Instagram:

In Davis' time, Fountain Avenue was a lesser-known road one could take to bypass the traffic of the larger boulevards, Sunset and Santa Monica. Unfortunately, with Los Angeles expanding over the decades, that advice is no longer useful. Fountain Avenue is just as traffic-jammed as all the rest of the streets.

Surely Duff knows that and was going for the metaphor of taking the quickest route to your destination.

Always a good hang @_dr_woo_

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This is not the first tattoo for the actress. In face she has a total of twelve, but it seems she has a bit of a love/hate relationship with the ink.

In 2015, Duff told Ellen DeGeneres:

I have a bunch of little guys inside my arms. I think that part of me loves tattoos and part of me doesn’t want the full commitment to getting to see them all the time. So, when my arms are down I look just like a normie and when my arms are out I look super hardcore, like a gangster.

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