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Woman Accuses McDonald's Of Firing Her Brother Because He's Autistic--And People Have His Back

Woman Accuses McDonald's Of Firing Her Brother Because He's Autistic--And People Have His Back
Updated 6 months ago

On Saturday, December 2, Angelica Selena Martinez from Miami, Florida, shared a story that has inspired outrage on Twitter. McDonald's recently fired her brother Alex, who has a mild form of autism, due to what appears to be discrimination.

Martinez's story has been retweeted nearly 80,000 times.

Alex told BuzzFeed News the story of McDonald's asking him to leave, then ghosting him.

I went in on Monday morning for an interview. I gave them my résumé that said I was autistic. I didn’t work anywhere before so this would be my first job. She told me to come back Tuesday to start training. On the fourth day, they sent me home early and said, 'Don’t worry you’re not fired.'

I invited my social worker to meet my supervisor and she came to see her. But my supervisor wasn't available. My social worker told me she was never able to speak to my supervisor again because my supervisor was never available. And whenever she would call to speak to my supervisor she was hung up on.

The day before going back to work, Alex heard through his grandma that he had been fired.

I really tried to have a job since I didn’t want to stay home and always ask my mom for money. I had to take two buses to get to my job. I was on time every day and sometimes there even before I had to start.

I did nothing wrong — I was always careful while handling change, my registers always had the right money. I don’t like that they didn’t tell me personally. I feel like they weren’t treating me like a normal human being and made me feel like I was inadequate and worthless. I still haven’t gotten paid for the time I worked and they still haven’t told me when I will get paid. I just don’t understand.

Twitter users are spreading support for Alex and his sister Angelica, who originally tweeted the story:

I think we can all agree on this:

People using the hashtag #JusticeForAlex hope to make others aware of his predicament.

Angelica wants her brother's story to change the way we treat people with autism in our society:

They have every right to be working members of society, and should NOT be discriminated against due to their disability. We feel very humbled to be reached out to and have our voice heard.

Anthony Greenwood Sr., the owner and operator of the McDonald's where Alex worked, commented to BuzzFeed News:

We have investigated these claims made on social media regarding an employee of my restaurant and I am working with my restaurant team to fully understand the situation. At my restaurant we have a long standing history of creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace. I am committed to providing training and development opportunities for all and value the contributions of all members of my crew.