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Scott Olson/Getty Images
Firefighter Slides Out Onto Thin Ice To Save Dog Who Fell Through In Daring Rescue Effort
5 months ago

When you're a dog, no one tells you about the danger of walking on thin ice, but one dog in Swift Current, Canada, learned the lesson for himself this past Tuesday, November 28. After being left off his leash, the dog wandered out onto the ice and fell into the water. Fortunately, the nearby fire department acted quickly, and was able to save the pooch in a dramatic fashion:

The rescue is getting good press from all over the world:

Twitter users were overjoyed to see everything turned out okay:

Fire Chief Denis Pilon posted a video of the rescue and a warning about letting pets roam off-leash:


Yesterday afternoon, our firefighters were busy at the creek, rescuing someone's pet. They allowed their dog to run off leash when it ventured our onto the ice and fell through. Quick action calling the fire department helped save their pet. Please keep your pets and children away from the Creek, the ice is thin and it is NOT safe.

Fortunately, everyone made it home safe after the incident, but it could have been a lot worse. Be sure to keep your pets leashed, especially around frozen water. But things can still go wrong, and we can't always count on the heroes from our local fire departments to save the day.