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Comedian Michael Ian Black Gets Into Twitter Feud With 'Krang T. Nelson,' And We Can't Look Away
5 months ago

Politically outspoken comedian Michael Ian Black felt obligated to defend his friendship with GOP celebutante and sometime pundit Meghan McCain on Twitter this Saturday after someone tweeted out the cover of their 2012 book, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom.  

After Black said he was proud of the book and confessed his love for McCain, some Twitter users drew a line in the sand: 

And Black said he welcomed critics' disdain:

Things stayed civil enough until @KrangTNelson got involved, and then things got... cringey:

This is the part where Black came to the defense of GOP gal pal McCain:

And this is where Krang thought he had Black right where he wanted him:

And as it turns out, Black didn't have much of a comeback:

Ouch. And with that it looked like Krang had Black on the ropes... or did he?

Burn! Yeah Krang, if that is your real name. (I mean, we know it isn't.) But what did he have to say about that?

Oh snap! But hold up! Black's left hook is strong:

And there was Krang, grasping for everything he could to counter:

Then, right after a pithy comment from Black about how humorous he is, Krang faltered:

Black saw his opening and went in for the kill:

Oops. He went too far. Krang rallied with a plea for a truce in the name of good taste:

And with that comment, it was all over, folks — @justaphil won the match.