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Maisie Williams Just Asked Twitter For Help With Her Clothes--And They Were Happy To Oblige

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the HBO mega-hit Game of Thrones, decided she has too many clothes and needs to "clear out" her closet. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about that, except that before she disposed of her old threads, she reached out to Twitter to see what she should do with them.

Fans couldn't believe what they were reading...

But Williams was absolutely serious:

Many fans suggested selling the clothes and then donating the funds to charity.

After all, fans would pay a pretty penny to wear Arya Stark's blouse.

And Twitter offered other great suggestions:

Maisie decided to compromise and take a little bit of each idea.

Just as it seemed things were wrapping up, Maisie made it clear she's always ready to collaborate with her fans!

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