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STR/Getty Images
Photos Of Kim Jong Un Gleefully Watching Recent Nuclear Missile Tests Emerge, And We're Scared
5 months ago

On Wednesday, November 29, North Korea released pictures of its autocratic leader Kim Jong-un watching monitor screens as the country tested its largest ballistic missile to date. The missile is reportedly able to reach the entirety of the United States.

As you can see, Kim Jong-un is incredibly please with this:

The missile test took place at 3:00am, which is a break in tradition from North Korea's usual dawn procedure.

Anything that makes Kim Jong-un this happy probably isn't good news for the rest of the world.

Though scientists are fairly certain the new missile could reach the entire U.S., it's yet to be seen whether it would be able to carry a nuclear warhead that distance.

If things go south, at least we all got to see these hilarious Kim Jong-un memes first.