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Twitter Is Surprised At Who Will Be Crossing Over From 'Walking Dead' To 'Fear The Walking Dead'


For weeks now, Walking Dead fans have been guessing non-stop which character will cross over into Fear the Walking Dead. On Sunday, November 26, they finally got their answer!

The crossover character will be... MORGAN JONES!

This news was NOT expected:

Many suspect Lennie James (who plays Morgan) will be departing TWD... perhaps in a gruesome fashion:

Many fans claim season 3 was a high point for the TWD spin-off. Will the introduction of Morgan continue that trend?

The new season of Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Houston, where Abraham was originally discovered after he avenged his wife's death and his family abandoned him.

Fans have speculated that Abraham would be the crossover character.

Though this turned out to be wrong, fans are eager to see what the future brings:

But some viewers are still in a state of denial:

Sticklers for timelines and logistics are having trouble figuring out how Morgan will fit into the prequel storyline:

The importance of this development cannot be overstated...

Logistics aside, not all fans are sold on the choice:

Will we finally get to see what led Morgan to his dark future with Rick's crew?

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