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Lucy Hough/Getty Images
Footage Of People Making The Best Of A Potential Terror Attack Is Surprisingly Inspiring

Oxford Street is Britain's busiest street, and black Friday is one of its busiest days. Nightmares seemed to be coming true this past Friday, November 24, when what sounded like gunshots sent the crowd running for cover. Many assumed the worst: a terror attack. Nearby buildings immediately flooded with pedestrians. Though authorities eventually declared the incident a false alarm, customers' fears were real as police told them to take cover and remain inside shops for their own safety. 

Luckily, the old British mantra "Keep Calm and Carry On" was in full effect among these businesses' employees:

Offices quickly adapted to host a deluge of strangers:

In fact, support poured in from all over the nation:

Some people even received a timely pep talk:

Few things forge new friendships faster than shared experiences:

An hour later, everyone was able to move on with their lives...

But not before many people found a little bit of their faith in humanity restored.

H/T: Twitter, The Telegraph