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Tiger Escapes From The Circus, Meets A Depressing Fate--And No One's Happy About It
5 months ago

On Friday, November 24, police responded to multiple reports of a 440-pound Tiger wandering through the streets of Paris. It turns out the creature had escaped from a nearby circus, the Bormann-Moreno, which was planning to open its doors on December 3. 

There was only one casualty: the tiger.

One of the circus' ringmasters, who had raised the tiger since it was a cub, killed the big cat.

Eric Bormann, the ringmaster, suspects someone with malicious intentions cut the lock on the animal's cage:

We suspect a malicious act. There was a chain with a padlock, and the chain was cut.

Animal rights groups like the Brigitte Bardot Foundation are calling for a ban of all circus animals:

It’s a miracle that there weren’t any human victims this time.

While it is fortunate no one was hurt, the tiger should have survived as well.