Woman Arrested For Trying To Kill Barack Obama And Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Woman Arrested For Trying To Kill Barack Obama And Texas Governor Greg Abbott
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8 months ago

Julia Poff, a 46-year-old woman from Texas, is faced with several charges stemming from a period in October 2016 where Ms. Abbott allegedly sent explosive devices to three government figures. Ms. Poff is said to have mailed the devices to each person for different reasons. 

Court documents say that Ms. Poff mailed an explosive to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott because she was angry that she was not receiving support (it is unclear whether this means child support, spousal support, etc.) from her ex-husband and she blamed Gov. Abbott. The Governor did, in fact, open the package. However, because he opened it in a different way than Ms. Poff had anticipated and differently than the package had been designed, the device did not go off. 

Documents say it could have caused severe burns and quite possibly death had it been opened the way the package design says to.

Poff, shown below in an old booking photo, also sent a package to Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Carolyn Colvin. According to documents, Poff had fraudulently applied for supplemental nutritional assistance between the years of 2012 - 2014 and falsely declared bankruptcy at around the same time. 

Commissioner Colvin was unharmed.

The third package Poff sent was to Barack Obama, who was the President of the United States at the time. According to court documents, Poff testified that she sent that package simply because she didn't like Obama. The explosive was found during screening and rendered safe, it obviously never made it to the intended recipient. It was that package that helped authorities with their case against Poff. They were able to use bits of labels to locate her since Poff had sent the packages labelled with her actual return address. There was a cell phone used as part of the bomb sent in that package. The phone was registered to Poff. 

Also, authorities were able to match cat hair in the presidential package to one of Poff's cats. 

The court documents go on to give a whole laundry list of activities Poff has been found to be involved in: 

- Poff was fired from her job at a law firm for stealing from a client. 

- Poff has faced seven evictions

- Poff has damaged multiple properties before being forced to leave. 

- Poff has poured concrete down the drains at properties. 

- Poff has put potatoes in the toilets at propertied. 

- Poff has locked dogs inside of properties so that they could soil and damage the residence. 

- Poff solicited donations for a widowed father and Hurricane Harvey survivor. She did give the man clothing donations, but kept any financial donations for herself. 

- Poff has previously had probations revoked and has a history of non-cooperation with court orders. 

Poff is charged with Injurious Articles as Nonmailable and Transportation of Explosives with the Intent to Kill and Injure for the crimes against the government officials. She has also been charged with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Fraud and False Declaration in Bankruptcy. 

You can read the court documents yourself here.

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