A Historian Just Explained What Went Down On The Day JFK Was Assassinated

A Historian Just Explained What Went Down On The Day JFK Was Assassinated
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8 months ago

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. In honor of the event's 54th anniversary, historian Michael Beschloss and former Kennedy Secret Service Agent Clint Hill live tweeted the events of Kennedy's last day, leading up to the unexpected tragedy. 

Contrary to popular belief, there were warning signs of some people's hatred:

The day began fairly simply.

The President went about his duties.

Meanwhile, his travel schedule was meticulously reported.

The car arrived to ferry him to his next destination:

In this car, Kennedy would take his last ride.

Kennedy  finally makes it to Dallas.

From moment one, the crowds went wild!

People cheered as Presidential party cruised down main street. This would be Kennedy's last memory.

The noise was overwhelming...

A bang from the crowd.

The Secret Service tried to save Kennedy:

But it was too late...

The whole party descended on a local hospital.

But, as the situation became clear, some had to leave.

The President left Dallas in a casket.

One of the most dramatic moments in modern American politics occurred on Air Force 1. 

The news sent the world into a state of shock!

By the time the plane landed, a new world order had to be in place.

Though one of our nation's saddest moments, many Twitter users were grateful for the opportunity to gain some perspective and see what JFK's last day was like.