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Sugar Industry Tried To Hide Damning Study In The 1960's--But Now We Know The Results
6 months ago

At this point in time, we're pretty aware of sugar's negative effects on health. Back in 1960's, however, it wasn't such a sure thing. In 1968, the Sugar Research Foundation commissioned a study into the effects of sugar on lab rats. When it became clear that the rats were being harmed by their ingestion of excess sugar, the Research Foundation quickly withdrew funding and hid away the results.

The study linked sugar to high blood-pressure, heart disease, and even cancer.

Big Sugar tried to keep Americans in the dark about these results.

Our nation's health could have been significantly improved if these findings had come to light earlier.

To be fair, however, that original study also got some facts wrong:

Regardless, the sugar industry's actions are looking pretty shady...

Some Twitter users offered their advice on eating healthy:

Perhaps more people should consider following this advice. After all, who knows what studies are being covered up today!