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Ikea Recalls Furniture Again After Influx Of Reported Children Injuries And Death

Furniture giant Ikea has just issued a recall on several items from its "Malm" series. Though the pieces of furniture may look stylish, the Swedish-made dressers have reportedly been involved in 186 "tip-over incidents" that include at least 91 injuries to children.

This isn't the first time Ikea's Malm dressers have been in the headlines. They were recalled once before, in June 2016, after six toddlers were killed by falling dressers. Since then, two more children have died, bringing the number of dresser-related fatalities to a startling eight. In June, the company sent "service it or return it" emails to over 13 million customers, urging them to secure their dressers to the wall or return them for a refund.

Ikea says the dressers are perfectly safe if attached to the wall, as per the assembly instructions. If you're not planning on doing so, however, they recommend moving Malm products to an "area where they can't be accessed." Anyone who would like to return their dresser will receive a full refund.

Ann Marie Buerkle, acting chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, told BuzzFeed News:

The most important part about this notice that went out is appealing to the consumer. If they have children in their home, and if they're going to have grandchildren in their home, we hope they’ll take advantage of this recall and avoid any injuries or deaths in the future.

Some believe Ikea hasn't gone far enough in alerting customers about the danger of their dressers. Nancy Cowles, executive director of Kids In Danger, told BuzzFeed News:

We just think with the seriousness of what we’re seeing this deserves the highest attention. It isn’t enough to put out a press release. It’s not enough to tell people to get anchors.

When it comes to the safety of our children, it's hard to be too cautious. Ikea seems to agree:

The most recent incident has indicated to us that there is more work to be done in spreading the message.

Hopefully, the rash of injuries and deaths surrounding the Malm dressers ends here.

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