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New Documentary Details How Apu From 'The Simspons' Has Perpetuated A Racial Stereotype

A new documentary, The Problem With Apu, aired Sunday on truTV. Hari Kondabolu's film examines the problematic racial stereotyping of the character Apu on the long-running animated sitcom The Simpsons and its impact on the South Asian community. 

According to Mashable:

The Problem With Apu started out as comedian Hari Kondabolu's personal vendetta against the fictional title character. ...Apu is a character so salient yet so transcendentally offensive that a U.S. Surgeon General had to answer to impressions of the guy. Apu is, perversely, the one thing unifying South Asian American actors of a certain generation without fail. A visceral reaction to anything that resembled Azaria's impression may be the reason so many South Asian American actors hesitate or outright refuse to do accents in their work.

Diehard Simpsons fans expressed their displeasure in the universal language of the internet, GIFs:

While others pointed out what they felt were more problematic racial stereotypes in media:

Many felt that the documentary was PC culture run amok:

Never mind that the very definition of "satire" includes making commentary on, or exposing, certain societal or political ills via humor, and the portrayal of Apu does not do that.

This Twitter user summed up the problem with all of these reactions:

H/T: Mashable, Twitter