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Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Playing The Virgin Mary In New Animated Film

Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Playing The Virgin Mary In New Animated Film
Updated 6 months ago

Gina Rodriguez became a household name as star of The CW's Jane the Virgin, and now it looks like she'll be playing another famously chaste character. Rodriguez recently sat down with People Now to talk about her role in the animated movie The Star, which follows the unsung heroes of the first Christmas — the animals who helped Mary and Joseph reach their destination. Staying right in the wheelhouse audiences love her for, she'll be voicing the Virgin Mary.

For Rodriguez, this is a dream come true.

Prior to Jane the Virgin I always wanted to do animation. I do have a huskier voice … so it was nice to be able to play with it — to lighten it up for Mary.

She's especially excited about this role:

And also it’s the nativity story. I was raised on this story. I’ve known this story my whole life, and when somebody was like, ‘Do you want to play the Virgin Mary?’ I was like ‘Yeah.’

Rodriguez will also be starring as the new voice of Carmen Sandiego in the upcoming Netflix revival. 

She spoke about her approach to the character, who will debut in 2019 with 20 new episodes:

The original Carmen Sandiego was Rita Moreno. I’m just slowly trying to become her. I’m single Latina femaling Rita Moreno. …I wanna be her.

Though the revival will still be geared towards children, Rodriguez says adults can watch and still learn a thing or two:

I mean, I learn things every single time. I’m like, ‘Oh really? That happened. Good to know.’ 

But while Carmen Sandiego won't return until 2019, The Star has already hit theaters! It premiered on November 17, and could be just the thing if you're looking to catch Gina Rodriguez play yet another virgin.