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Woman Gets Hit On At A Gas Station And Turned It Around To Benefit Her Instead

Woman Gets Hit On At A Gas Station And Turned It Around To Benefit Her Instead
Updated 6 months ago

A woman in Dallas received a free tank of gas because a man thought she was cute.

It happened on Monday morning when Amanda Mills stopped by a local gas station to fill up her tank. An unnamed man let her know he thought she was cute. Her response:

Cute enough for you to fill my tank?

It worked. He did and Mills drove away with a full tank. Her tweet about the grand feminist accomplishment went viral. 

Mills told BuzzFeed about the incident:

I was joking. I did not think he was going to say yes. The last thing you want is some random guy to come up to you and bug you. They're going to get something out of this and I'm gonna get something back.

Mills went on to say she was headed over to a guys house that she is seeing. The humor of the situation wasn't lost on her.

I basically finessed another man to pay for my gas to get there.

It seemed to be more of a "throw something out and see if it sticks" type of situation. Luckily for Mills it stuck and she received what she estimates was about $34.00 worth of free gas.

But at what cost?

A lot of men claimed they would not have fallen for Mills' stealthy tactics of progressing the feminist agenda.

Don't worry if you feel you missed out on supporting Mills "Strong Women Statement." On Twitter she has an Amazon Wish List as her website. For $180.00 you can purchase Mills a pair of Gucci sunglasses, or for $84.99 you can buy her a Mac eye shadow kit and support women everywhere!