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Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Meryl Streep Says That She And Cher Once Had To Team Up To Fight An Attacker
5 months ago

 Meryl Streep spoke recently at the Committee to Protect Journalists annual awards. The actress opened up about her past facing, "real, physical violence."

 Streep told of two encounters with danger that have changed her.

"I do know something about real terror. The two times in my life when I was threatened and dealt with real physical violence, I learned something about life that I wouldn’t have known otherwise and I was lucky because my instincts served me well."

 She talked about the first time saying, 

"[I] played dead and waited until the blows stopped — watching like people say you do from about 50 feet above from where I was beaten."

 On the second occasion, Streep had a little help from none other than Cher. 

"In the second instance, someone else was being abused and I just went completely nuts and went after this man. Ask Cher — she was there. And the thug ran away, it was a miracle."

 Streep went on to tell the audience, 

"[I was] changed by these events on a cellular level because women do know something particular about coming to the danger place. We come to it disadvantaged through the many millennia preceding our present moment and because of our vulnerability, we anticipate danger, we expect it, we’re hyper alert to it."

Twitter users couldn't get over the magical idea of a Meryl/Cher crime fighting team.