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Jesse Grant/Getty Images
Disney And Pixar Make Announcement About 'Incredibles 2' And People Lost Their Damn Minds
5 months ago

It's been 13 years since Brad Bird's The Incredibles hit theaters and became one of Pixar's most beloved classics. As the studio churned out sequels to Cars and Toy Story, fans began to beg for another adventure with their favorite family of superheroes. 

After years of waiting, Disney finally sent fans into the stratosphere with this Friday tweet:

Aaand fans proceeded to lose their minds:

So many hopes and dreams are coming true:

If this is a prank, it's an extremely cruel one:

Of course there's a lot riding on this sequel:

Some fans are succumbing to manic episodes:

The news has also inspired some dynamite references:

Everyone has an inner child...

As fans await this trailer drop, they'll have to make due with whatever news trickles out about the Pixar sequel, but everything looks promising. 

Fingers crossed it's the blockbuster smash it deserves to be!