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Justice League's New Outfits For The Amazon Women From 'Wonder Woman' Have People Crying Foul

Fans of DC's Wonder Woman (and there are quite a few) loved the movie for many reasons, but one of the most important was the way Director Patty Jenkins respected its female characters. For instance, the Amazons (an all-female, warrior-like society that lives on Themyscira) wore body armor clearly meant to protect rather than show off their bodies. 

Photos of the Amazon women in Zach Snyder's upcoming Justice League show some regression:

The costumes changed dramatically when a man took the helm:

And these new outfits don't look very useful if the Amazons are planning to fight anyone.

Fans are NOT happy:

There are some DC devotees trying to defend Snyder's choice:

But they seem to be in the minority:

For many, even if these newer outfits aren't made for fighting, they're still not okay:

What would other warrior princesses wear?

Now here's something we'd all like to see:

This armor, if put to the test, could yield some gruesome results...

Fans want the old costumes back:

Unlike the Amazons in those outfits, they're prepared for WAR:

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