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Woman Is Trying To Figure Out Who's Been Leaving Flowers At Her Brother's Grave For 70 Years
5 months ago

Alright, sleuths, put on your mystery caps and get ready for a doozy. Ann Kear's brother has been dead for nearly 70 years. That entire time, she's been leaving flowers on his grave. But here's a twist: Someone else has been there too. Often, when Ann visits, she finds flowers and poems left by a stranger, with few clues as to his or her identity.

She has no idea who it is, but would love to find out.

Here's the background:

BBC started investigating by reaching out to Karl's scout-mates:

Over the years, the stranger has also left poems at the grave:

Everyone's pitching in to help solve the mystery:

Still, there's one person BBC investigators haven't been able to track down:


They cracked the decades-long mystery:

Or did they?

H/T: Twitter, BBC