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Image by Jonna Ivin-Patton for The Social Edge
People Are Not Okay With Newsweek's Tone-Deaf Cover About The #MeToo Movement

The latest issue of Newsweek features a cover promoting the lead story “How Donald Trump rules America’s Garden of Dicks and sparked the #MeToo movement." 

The cover art deflated like a limp... well, see for yourself:

People quickly took to social media to blast the cover. Why would a story about sexual assault show a feminine hand harming male genitalia? What was up with the cartoonish pop-art style lettering? Why must a penis be front and center in a discussion about the sexual abuse of women?

The message was loud and clear: This isn't about your dicks, guys.

Jessica Valenti weighed in with a few pointed observations:

And women couldn't agree more:

Newsweek seemed proud of the cover, but Maria wants heads to roll... 

H/T: HuffPost, Newsweek