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NFL Player Michael Bennett Stands For National Anthem To Make Important Distinction

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett took a temporary break from the #TakeAKnee protests against racial injustice. Bennett stood to honor the military — and to make a point. Thursday's game was host Arizona Cardinals' Salute to Service night, and Bennett stood to send a clear message that players are not disrespecting American troops.

Bennett had this to say after the game:

It was to signify that we are all with the military, and that we love them. There’s been this narrative that we don’t care about the military. Today, we were honoring the military, so we wanted to be able to honor the military. I know a lot of people did not expect us to stand. They have this narrative about us that is not true. I have a lot of family that were military. It’s never been about the military. If there is an opportunity to support them and be grateful for what they do, and the sacrifices, we want to be able to do that.

Bennett has stood for the anthem on one other occasion since joining the protest Colin Kaepernick started last season: the game following the domestic terrorist mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Some people got the message loud and clear:

But others clearly missed the point:

Joseph Puopolo asked a question that has been on many minds:

And managed to get a little dialogue going:

Baby steps in the right direction?

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