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The Air In Delhi Is Now As Bad As Smoking 50 Cigarettes A Day, And People Are Fed Up

On Thursday, New Delhi, the capital of India, declared a state of "pollution emergency" due to the toxic smog that hung over the city for three days in a row. Citizens complained of headaches, coughs, and burning eyes as the city was forced to close down public buildings like schools. Doctors in the area declared that the air in New Delhi has become so unhealthy, breathing it is roughly equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

To be clear, New Delhi isn't the only city with this problem:

Politicians in New Delhi are scrambling to do something about the situation:

Everyone agrees this isn't the time to focus on political differences:

Even those briefly visiting New Delhi can feel the air's effects...

We've done this to ourselves:

Prince Charles is visiting the city and feeling the air's effects firsthand:

Even inside, the air is dangerous:

But outside, it could be deadly:

As in the U.S., the real solutions to Delhi's pollution problem would have to happen at the highest level:

And whatever officials decide to do, they need to do it fast:

VERY fast:

While humans clean up the mess they've made in New Delhi, maybe we could work on the rest of the world?

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