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Self-Driving Shuttle Bus Launches In Las Vegas--And Is Immediately Involved In An Accident

The future is... well, it's close, but it's hit a few speed bumps on the way here. More specifically, it may have hit a U.S. Foods semi-truck. Las Vegas launched an innovative new self-driving shuttle bus on Thursday — the first on public roads — designed to ferry passengers down a 0.6-mile stretch of road. 

Two hours later, however, the self-driving shuttle got into a fender bender with a local semi:

Before you rush to judgement, it wasn't the shuttle's fault! The bus obeyed all traffic laws, according to police.

The self-driving bus got off scot free, though the police ticketed the semi's driver:

That didn't stop news outlets around the country from picking up the story:

Still, some people wonder if the world is ready for "perfect" drivers, considering how many human drivers are on the road:

The city concluded:

Had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has, the accident would have been avoided.

H/T: Twitter, CNN